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Marketing Data Analytics/Customer Success Manager



Marketing & Communications, Customer Service, Sales & Business Development, Data Science
Bangalore Rural, Karnataka, India
Posted on Monday, October 24, 2022

Clarisights is hiring exceptional people for a truly exceptional role: Customer Success Manager (CSM). Our CSMs are empowered to drive the complete customer journey from pilots, commercials, and contracts through to delivery and success. And they do this for some of the world’s most innovative, influential companies: Uber, Delivery Hero, HelloFresh, Universal Music Group.

CSM is the most versatile role we’ve ever hired for. With a unique, 360-degree view into how a hyper-growth top-tier SaaS startup works, CSMs at Clarisights will go on to leadership roles in Growth, Customer Success, and Product Management functions. If your dream is to become a CEO or start your own business, our CSM function is the best possible boot camp. Few roles in the SaaS industry today offer this mix of personal and professional opportunities.

CSMs at Clarisights perform at the intersection of technology and strategy. They will work closely with marketing and data team leaders to radically change how they aggregate, report, and transform marketing data into business outcomes. They also will work closely with our world-class Engineering team to build and deliver the gold standard in marketing insight platforms.

We are open to applicants with 3-5 years of experience from any sector as long as you have the skills and abilities that we are looking for.

What do we mean by exceptional?

The CSM at Clarisights is the perfect role for curious, meticulous, data buffs who are excited about start-up culture, cutting-edge customers, and a killer product. Our CSMs take pride in the challenge of their work, the quality of their peers, and the impact of our product on the success of our customers. They are…

  1. Great Communicators: Our CSMs routinely work with C-suite executives at large enterprises to help them use Clarisights to design success metrics and deliver business goals. This requires meticulous, empathetic, and persuasive communication skills.

Meanwhile, our CSMs also cultivate relationships with our engineering and product teams.

  1. Data Connoisseurs: Clarisights’ vision is to democratize data in modern companies and our CSMs work at the forefront of making that vision come true! This means CSMs appreciate how companies use data and are curious enough to dabble in the data themselves. Our CSMs appreciate both the power and limitations of spreadsheets and other legacy reporting tools. CSMs love everything about data: where data comes from, how it’s stored, how it’s used, and how it can transform business.

  2. Technical Explorers: Our CSMs function as twin ambassadors. For customers, they are Superusers of our product. CSMs understand what our platform does, why it does it, and how it does it. Back at Clarisights they represent our customers and push for an uncompromising platform experience. This means our CSMs have the technical ability, or the curiosity, to look behind the scenes and understand how our product works. The best CSMs embrace depth. From SQL queries to BigQuery tables you are open to dabbling in whatever it takes.

What can you expect to do?

  • Your primary responsibility is to help our customers achieve business outcomes through our unique deep-tech product. Clarisights is a powerful platform and CSMs help our customers get maximum bang for their buck. This means maintaining relationships that are both micro and macro in scale. You will help customers solve day-to-day problems and platform shortcomings. You will also train our users, advise them on their marketing reporting, and proactively build solutions to meet their strategic needs.

  • You will lead customer onboarding projects. This means helping new customers execute pilots, and then transitioning them into paying customers. CSMs help new customers build relationships with Clarisights that are trusting, productive and collaborative.

  • You will influence our go-to-market strategy, and can also expect to spend time on product marketing and customer development.

  • You will work with the product engineering team to prioritize, design, and deliver features. You will be the source of truth for the company on customer needs, pain points, and areas of improvement. You will influence the product.

  • You will serve as the nerve center for the entire company. All other functions rely on our CSMs because they are the first to know if other functions are delivering. You are our early warning system.

Who are you? 📖

  1. You could be a techno-commercial generalist in a tech start-up. By this, we mean you work in the Customer Success, Product, or Sales functions of a start-up with a technologically complex product.

  2. You could be a management consultant with independent client management experience. You have either worked with technically demanding or data-intensive engagements, or you have a degree in a relevant branch of engineering.

  3. You could be a software engineer with strong communication skills who is now looking to diversify into Customer Success or Product Management functions. You want to bring your tech skills and communications chops to the customer side of a start-up. And you want to learn rapidly.

  4. You could be a data engineer looking to upgrade to the next level in terms of responsibilities, technology, and business consequences. You have a proven track record of servicing demanding internal/external clients and have an opinionated view of reporting tools and dashboards.

  5. You could have deep experience working with data in a large Performance Marketing team. In addition to working with the reports and dashboards, you also have experience with the APIs, data pipelines, and data integrations involved in generating these reports.

What we offer 🌟

  • Ownership. You won’t be delegated tasks. You will be given ownership and accountability of outcomes and all the support you need. It is your task to figure out how to remove roadblocks and reach desired outcomes.

  • Learning. We are just getting started and you will have a unique vantage point on how to build a company with a very strong product and massive customer demand. You will probably learn more than you ever thought in the process. These learnings are most likely the most valuable thing we can offer. Curious people thrive at Clarisights.

  • Impact At Clarisights your work matters. It has consequences. Our engineers work on projects that are unique in vision and unsurpassed in scale. Our talent team is building a world-class team across every function. And our CSMs are more than just advocating for a product: they are changing the way companies work with data.

  • Compensation. We pay competitive salaries and offer generous equity. And we’re building a workplace that is low-anxiety, light-management, high-impact and collegial. We want people to do good work, with great people in a kind environment

Good to Know

Location: We are currently hiring CSMs in Bangalore ( Hybrid )

Hiring Process and Timeline: We aim to close the CSM hiring process in 2-3 weeks from application to offer. The hiring process takes place in 4 stages, each of which is filtered:

  1. First Call: A member of our Talent team will briefly talk to you to ascertain your interest and your suitability for the role

  2. Culture and Fit Interview: Over a 30-minute call we will outline the opportunity, review your work experience, and look for signs and evidence of culture fit.

  3. Assignment: Over a short call you will be given an assignment that will involve working with data and making a presentation. You will connect with a peer to understand the expectations from the assignment. We expect applicants to revert with their submissions in a week.

  4. Final Interview: Your last interview & assignment presentation will take place with 1-2 members of our Solutions Success team including one leader.

  5. Offer and Closing: Finally you will meet a member of the talent team to close on your compensation details and date of joining. Welcome to Clarisights!

We welcome people of all backgrounds, genders, and orientations to apply for this position.